Podcast News

Issue 4: June 30th, 2017

The app to make you a better speaker

As a podcaster your voice and ability to speak well is your #1 asset, but not enough podcasters put concerted effort into improving this skill. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Orai listens to you speak, analyzes it, and coaches you to speak clearer. It helps you get rid of “ums” and “likes,” gives you exercises, and is really your full speech coach in a box. I recommend that podcasters who don’t have a speech coach download the app and do a little practice everyday.

Introducing Mogul from Gimlet

Gimlet’s newest original podcast, Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty, became available Saturday to all of the normal podcast players after an exclusive early release to Spotify. The New Yorker has a great write-up on it. I have not listened to the whole thing, but I have to say, the production is spot on (we expect nothing less from Gimlet). As would be required from a show on this subject, the music selection is incredible and really carries the story in a more involved way than has become the norm for a podcast in this style.

Why storytelling is innate to the human experience

The blog over at Spreaker has a fantastic article on how storytelling is innate to humans. We learn about ourselves and our world through stories and that’s why podcasting is the most natural medium for storytelling. It’s an inspirational piece for podcasters looking to take their creative shows to the next level. If you partake in the painstaking process of producing a narrative show, read this for some inspiration, and a reminder that what you do is valuable and essential to the human experience.

Why The Pitch is better than Shark Tank

Jillian Manus, one of the venture capitalists featured on the recent Gimlet acquisition, The Pitch, has an interview with Forbes where she discuss the ways in which she hates the popular TV show Shark Tank, and why The Pitch is different, better for founders, and more realistic in the venture capital space.

I think this opinion shines light on one of the value-propositions of the podcasting medium as a whole. As a medium with less sensory stimulation, podcasting allows for deeper and more thoughtful content. Whether it’s because listeners are multi-tasking, or because listeners simply have more patience and less need for stimulation, the result is that you can make something like the process of pitching potential investors more true-to-life without risking people finding it “boring”. This doesn’t mean podcasters can in any way get away with lower quality content, but rather that the requirement to include over-the-top drama is lessened. This allows for better, more thoughtful, and realistic content. This is what The Pitch is bringing to the investment entertainment world.

How terrestrial radio can catch up with podcasting

Terrestrial radio has been very slow to the podcasting world and, as podcasters, we often wonder why. Radio World put out an article talking about how radio stations need to start reaching out to their community, finding the podcasters involved in it, and learning from them.

It’s a backwards world where your community knows your emerging medium better than established media entities, but it has become the norm for emerging media. Radio stations need to recognize this. While they may feel overwhelmed at adding podcasting to their work, the article goes through the steps required to bring a station’s community in to help make the transition and process easier and more effective.

The Rest of the Headlines:

  • The digital entertainment brand Rooster Teeth launched a new podcast network called The Roost. Currently, they represent the H3 Podcast, Shane and Friends, and others.
  • The Independent discusses how podcasts can serve as a different type of pilot for future TV shows. Limetown, Homecoming, and Startup have all receiving interest in TV shows based on them.
  • Malcolm Gladwell was interviewed on CBS News to discuss season two of Revisionist History, which launched last week.
  • AwfulAnnouncing.com covered how the podcast Pardon My Take took over the sports podcasting world, with individual episodes currently receiving 750,000 to 1.5 million downloads.
  • A man in Sweden was officially released thanks, in part, to the podcast Spar.
  • PodDirectory.com now allows listeners to create lists.