Podcast News

Issue 5: June 27th, 2017

Music for Podcast is Becoming it’s Own Art Form

This Pitchfork article on music in podcasts really drove home some of the ramifications of the fact that podcasting has indeed turning into an established industry. Most probably don’t know, but I spent years in the music for film industry, writing and performing. So to see podcasting music being taken seriously and discussed as another “music for media” artform in this article was very exciting for me!

Of course, at this point there are only a few shows with the budget and audience to warrant music composed specifically for them. But listen to S-Town, and imagine how different it would sound had the music been some carefully selected library tracks as opposed to a new composition written specifically for the story and soundscape. Now, listen to the S-Town soundtrack. Yes, we are indeed living in the initial years of a brand new music for medium that can stand on its own as well. The score for S-Town is a beautiful listen in and on its own, apart from any connection with the podcast.

We’re working on tracking down Daniel Hart right now, so expect an interview with him in an upcoming newsletter soon.

“Content Marketing” is Turning into Full Media Production for Brands

Tidal just announced that it will be jumping in the podcasting space with a lineup of 5 shows. It’s a smart move, and one that brings further validation to a trend we’ve been seeing for a bit, which is the move toward all companies being media companies in addition to their core offering.

Businesses thrive off the attention that brings them customers, and more and more, we see that well-produced and carefully distributed media is the most effective method for bringing that attention. In the opinion section this week, I ramble about the woes of the pure-media company business model, and why the model is far more solid when the media company is actually a part of a larger business model.

Tidal gets it. Microsoft gets it. General Electric gets it. It looks like it’s the future.

The Rest of the Headlines:

  • HowStuffWorks is expanding into comedy podcasting
  • Looks like SoundCloud may need more funding
  • Live Event: The New York Times Podcast Club
  • AudioBoom debuts lineup of 5 original podcasts
  • Sincerely, X, originally an Audible-exclusive show, is premiering on other podcast platforms on July 20th
  • Microsoft launched .future, a branded podcast in partnership with Gimlet Media